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R121. Joseph Lawton
Standing Image of Buddha, Pollonnaruwa

R122. Joseph Lawton
Steps Leading to the Sacred Bo-Tree, Anuradhapura

R123. Joseph Lawton
Entrance to Isurumuniya

R124. Joseph Lawton
Sluice of the Nuwera-wewa Tank, Anuradhapura

R125. Joseph Lawton
Natural Rock Arch, Mihintale

R126. Joseph Lawton
Stone Figure Guardstone

R127. Joseph Lawton
Sath Mahal Prasadaya

R128. Joseph Lawton
Lion Statue

R129. Skeen & Co.
Granite Steps, Mihintale

R130. Anonymous
Granite Steps, Mihintale

R131. Skeen & Co.
Steps Leading up Sigiriya

R132. Skeen & Co.
Steep Path Leading to the Summit of Sigiriya

R133. Skeen & Co.
The Temple at Dambulla

R134. Skeen & Co.
The Ruwanwelisaya Dageba

R135. Skeen & Co.
Steps Leading to a Temple

R136. Anonymous
The Aukana Buddha Statue

R137. Skeen & Co.
Stone Figure, Bhadra Kali, Anuradhapura

R138. Skeen & Co.
Stone Figure, Anuradhapura

R139. Skeen & Co.
Guardstone and Steps

R140. Skeen & Co.
Samadhi Buddha Statue
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