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R81. Scowen & Co.
Lowa Maha Paya (Brazen Palace)

R82. Scowen & Co.
Ruwanweli Dagoba

R83. Scowen & Co.
Kuttam Pokuna, Anuradhapura

R84. Scowen & Co.
Jetawanarama Dagoba

R85. Scowen & Co.
Samadhi Buddha Statue

R86. Scowen & Co.
Ruins of Image House

R87. Scowen & Co.
Moonstone Guard Stone

R88. Scowen & Co.
Carved Stele at Abhayagiri Dagoba

R89. Scowen & Co.
The Sacred Bo Tree, Anuradhapura

R90. Scowen & Co.
Moonstone and Steps

R91. Scowen & Co.
Interior of a Buddhist Temple

R92. Scowen & Co.
Thuparama Dagoba, Anuradhapura

R93. Scowen & Co.
Ruwanweli Dagoba

R94. Scowen & Co.
Ruwanweli Dagoba

R95. Scowen & Co.
Isurumuniya Temple

R96. Skeen & Co.
Ruins at Anuradhapura

R97. Skeen & Co.
Ruins of a Dagoba at Anuradhapura

R98. Skeen & Co.
Rock Temple at Dambulla

R99. Skeen & Co.
Rock Temple at Dambulla

R100. Skeen & Co.
Rock Temple at Dambulla

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